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Contera MD1 - World Exclusive First Look

The Contera MD1 is a completely new car designed and built by David Halford and Michail Papastergiou. It was created out of a passion for Group C race cars of the 1980's. Both David and Michael looked around and found that for some reason, nobody was making anything based on this iconic shape so they decided to build it themselves.

The starting point for the design was the wraparound screen that is so distinctive to the Group C cars. From there, they decided that the best and only seating position for the driver was going to be in the centre so that the driver has the maximum field of vision possible but doesn't lose that sports car feel. The great thing about having a central driving position is that they were then able to add two passenger seats (in a similar way to the McLaren F1).


Powered by a Lexus/Yamaha 3.0 Twin Turbo Charged engine, the car currently produces a very safe 300hp, 379nm and redlines at 7100rpm. David says that it has the ability to produce 600hp if the customer wishes or, if the need takes them, the engine bay has been design to be able to accommodate any type of engine from a V6 to a V12 should the customer wish.

The custom made fuel tanks hold just over 100 litres and were designed to always keep the weight distribution and centre of gravity as low as possible as it empties.


The MD1 can also be a sheep in wolfs clothing as has been designed to be a comfortable GT cruiser, capable of long trips in comfort. The car comes with speed sensitive steering, electric windows, MP3 stereo, Rear View Camera and Climate control as standard.

When you consider that you get that design, the central driving position and a twin turbo'd engine that produces a safe 300hp (with the ability to go up to 600hp) with 379nm which redlines at 7100rpm all for only £55,000 it has to be one of the bargains of the century.

We visited they guys at their workshop recently for a behind the scenes look at the car and the company.

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