Let me tell you about the first day of Gumball 3000 and what it was like in a Twisted Defender.

I am a photographer so was doing my best to run round all day taking photos (for you all!), but in between it I found a little time to get soaked by the rain and appreciate some of the awesome cars and atmosphere and buzz of Copenhagen.

First on the grid were Team Galag and they turned up in style....

Not just that though, they also brought a full scale running Tumbler!


Jon Olsson also brought an amazing car that was a highlight for me to the grid, his custom bodied supercar that looks like a Le Mans Prototype car, but for the road! It's called a rebellion and looked absolutely insane!

Mike Rooftop Escamilla was enjoying himself in this white Twisted Defender


After the start of the day it rained so so hard that we could barely see where we were going, we pressed on as much as it was safe to do so, pleased that we were in Defenders and not supercars as they handled the wet conditions so well. I was pleasantly surprised how sensibly all the other drivers were being.

We headed into Koenigsegg to oggle some of the beautiful cars...



After Koenigsegg was a long and wet drive to Stockholm to catch an overnight ferry to Finland.... Check back tomorrow to hear what we got up to in Finland and Russia!

Pics & words by GFWilliams of The BHP Project